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Maybe seeing is believing… but you won’t believe what you see!

Maybe you’ve read our blogs or listened to our podcasts. Now it’s time to SEE everything in action! From interesting daily life adventures, holiday cultural chats and international cooking extravaganzas to general travel resources and guides, there is no amount of life fun too small to share!


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Check out what has been keeping us occupied lately!

The Niche Hiker’s Guide to the Mountain Peak; A Complete Packing List to Climb Kilimanjaro (and other intense summits)!

Post Date: June 14th, 2021

A Complete packing list of supplies to hike the 7 day Machame Route on Kilimanjaro (and other intense bucket list mountain treks of the world)!

10 Essential Road Trip Packing Items for the Person That Needs to be Prepared for ANYTHING!

Posted May 20th, 2021

Ever wanted to know the 10 absolute essential packing items to bring on a road trip ANYWHERE?! Wonder no longer!

Historical Facts and Homemade Mexican Snacks- Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021

Posted May 5th, 2021

10 interesting and bizarre facts about Cinco de Mayo history and tradition plus BEST FLAN RECIPE EVER!

Adventure. Creative Living. Connections all Over. Purple Hood Adventures.

Posted April 8th, 2021

What is Purple Hood Adventures REALLY about and how did it get started? Find out!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2021! Facts That May Surprise you About the History of the Irish!

Posted March 17, 2021

Bizarre and interesting facts about the history of the St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland itself? Check!

Our Website 101; What IS Purple Hood Adventures, Anyway??

Posted May 22nd, 2020

Navigating our website for the beginner!

Captivating Cinco de Mayo in Captivity; A Virtual Visit to Mexico!

Posted May 5th, 2020

Take a virtual trip to Mexico AND learn how to make authentic mole sauce!

Pandemic Hiking Extravaganza in Northeast Ohio

Posted April 23rd, 2020

See what it’s like hiking “underwater” on a northeast Ohio April day! We hope you like a little MUD!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Purple Hood Adventures!

Posted May 17th, 2020

Some exciting announcements right in time for you all to be quarantined on St. Patrick’s Day!

Welcome to Purple Hood Adventures: The First EVER Travel & Lifestyle WORLDWIDE Community!

Posted August 7th, 2019

It’s our very first introduction vlog all on how the idea of Purple Hood Adventures began!

Purple Hood Adventures-The Mardi Gras Sequins Debacle!

Posted March 10th, 2019

A Mardi Gras sequin debacle in a rental car at a Florida gas station? Why not?!

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