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Start Your Own Blog or Podcast

Be Creative, inspire others and live a life on your own terms wherever in the world you happened to be.

Starting a blog or podcast isn’t all that common in the world because:


A. It takes time, energy and often patience (things our modern society is known for having little of).


B. Many people may not HAVE the creative talents you do (or at least not the ones that have persisted through suppression from the left-brained norms of society).


C. Many people may consider it “not a real job” because it’s not in a skyscraper office with fluorescent lighting.


D. It can be daunting and intimidating if you just don’t have the understanding or the resources you need to build a successful blog or podcast!


All of those stigmas and frustrations end HERE, on this page, so that you can go about living the creative and fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of while not being bound by location or others’ expectations of you!


To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

-Oscar Wilde

Creativity is the essence of life. Remind the world of it!

Below are some resources and materials to help you REALLY gain an understanding of how become a successful blogger or podcaster from the beginning.

Now…let’s get started with some useful website building and construction resources for you to begin.

Now…how about some podcasting equipment and tools?

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