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One Hour Quick Course Series Video #1: One Hour Things No One Ever Explained – Website Setup and Blogging Basics 101


An hour long quick course on everything no one ever told you that you need to know to begin your website or blog (Or both!). The basics. Without all the unnecessary technical information that you don’t need to worry about yet!


Have you ever noticed just how many articles and tutorials exist out there absolutely ANYTHING you can imagine? Have you also noticed how many of those “resources” have conflicting information and entirely too much irrelevant content that makes you want to give up your little endeavor in he first place? We get it! Starting a website and/or a blog is a seemingly daunting task according to Google! Lesson learned. Stay away from Google!

This recorded quick course will take you through all the basics of how to get your feet off the ground when it comes to the very basics of starting a website or blog. No nonessential overwhelming information here! You will learn all the basics. IN ENGLISH. The things other tutorials fail to tell you because they are too busy rambling on about information you’re going to need 10 years down the road! This hour is all about the things no one ever truly explained because apparently you should already be a semi expert in web design and coding.

Upon signing up for this tutorial, you will be sent the video recording within the hour to have for life. No fuss. No 800 web browser tabs. Just one. Streamline. Video. Sound good?

*Note: This is the first video in our four series quick courses. If you are looking for one of our follow up videos, which discuss how to actually begin building a following and a brand, you can find one of those in our linked products at the bottom of this page.


What are some things that the video will discuss?

-Deciding on and obtaining a domain name

-How to decide on a website platform to use

-WordPress basics

-Setting up a blog within WordPress

-Deciding on a web host

-Selecting a theme or design

-Adding plugins and elements to make your site functional

-Securing your site by having an SSL certificate

-Growing and nurturing your followers and subscribers


Eight Reasons Why You Should Choose this Quick Course Instead of Just Finding Something Free on YouTube:

1. This course was not made by a special tech guru but by another beginning who took six years to learn the basics to ultimately build a successful entrepreneurship (Yes, we GET what you’re going through!)!

2. Basics and need-to-know content ONLY. All necessary “techy terms” clearly defined and explained…IN ENGLISH!

3. It’s yours to keep. Forever. It’s not going anywhere!

4. You won’t have to spend the time watching 100 different videos before you actually find what you’re looking for!

5. It’s a great gift idea for the budding creative or entrepreneur!

6. It’s only an hour (and times of key points and topics given with the video)!

7. We provide a free follow up and Q & A with you should you still need some guidance or have more questions! Just reach out to us and ask away!

8. Because we’re a small creative business just like you!



Have questions about this quick course or looking for something specific? Contact us! We just might have some answers!



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