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Destination Learning Guide for Children


Are you a teacher or parent wanting to help your students or children learn about a particular destination in the world? We’ll hand-craft you your own customized Destination Learning Guide for Children! We hand-craft our learning packets to fit the needs and levels of all ages from Pre-K through high school!



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What IS a “Destination Learning Guide for Children?”

Why, it’s an engaging academic resource packet aimed to help children of all ages enjoy learning about a particular country, region or city, of course!

As specialists in the special education field, we’ve got a bit of a expertise in creating academic materials conducive for youth learning, to say the least! We specially tailor our destination learning guides for children given varying age groups, from Pre-K on up through high school. Our packets are available to both schools, as a part of academic curriculum, and also to individual parents looking to help their children learn and become interested in the understanding the world or a particular place.

*We also offer optional review guides, comprehension quizzes, handouts and worksheets as add-ons for an additional charge, depending on what you need. If you are interested in these materials, please let us know in the comments when checking out and we will discuss this more in depth during your included initial consult.



Upon purchasing our Destination Learning Guide for Children, we will reach out to you to get you scheduled for your free initial consultation (either via Zoom, phone or email). This will be a chance for you to tell us more about what you are looking for. We will discuss specifics such as age group of target, who the packet is intended for, the purpose of the guide, any special learning instruction or curriculum you’d like us to incorporate into what we create for you and anything else you might like us to know before crafting your learning packet.

Within just one week of your consult, we will research and construct a personalized children’s learning destination guide for your students or your little ones at home!

Know that special someone who has kids and loves to travel? Our packets are definitely also unique gift ideas that will have heads turning and applauding at your innovation and thoughtfulness!


What are some things that might be included in my Destination Learning Guide for Children packet?

Everyone’s learning packets will look different depending on age, intent of the packet and learning styles, but some common points and features of a standard children’s packet may include things like:

-A brief history and description of the destination

-A geography lesson on the destination’s location

-A description of the culture and social norms of the region

-Images and illustrations of the location

-Some common phrases or useful words in the language of the area (if applicable)

-Kid or youth-friendly activities common in the region (given the specific age group of target)

-A discussion about norms and typicalities for children who live in a certain area (and how they may differ from your child’s)

-A fictional narrator making a visit to the destination (often used with younger children)

-Descriptions of popular sights and points of interest and why they are famous

-A discussion of popular cuisine, local arts, music and other culturally-relevant facts about the region

-Anything else you might specifically request!


What are some examples of packet focuses for past recipients?

**Australia’s unique history (from the first Aborigines to the British colonization up through the present day)

**All about Alaska’s indigenous people and cultural norms in the modern day

**A review of Iceland’s geologic features and the unique natural wonders which can be found there

**All about the Aztec history, Spanish influence, local culture, cuisine and points of interest around Mexico

**The US national parks of the west; history behind the geographic formation within them, local indigenous cultures and tribes and importance of the parks in American history

**The history and culture of New York City


Why choose us to create your Child’s Destination Learning Course over Googling articles and YouTube videos or buying books?

1. We will not be creating your learning guide blindly. We put the time and energy into understanding exactly what it is you are looking for before we begin designing the packet to fit the needs of your child or children.

2. Unlike a traditional book, our guide will be specifically designed to focus on what YOU want it to in the specific learning style or format that you request.

3. If needed, we will work with you to make any alterations on your course until you are completely satisfied!

4. It is QUICKER than perusing 500 unspecific YouTube videos, Google articles and blog posts littered misinformation and advertisements.

5. We are true travel, culture, AND education specialists ourselves! We have been researching destinations and creating academic materials for youth for years now!

6. We have a 100% satisfaction history of our traveling clients!


Need something else or have a question before purchasing your music course? No worries! Contact us HERE!

You can also email us at info@purplehoodadventures.com.


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