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Sounds of the World International Music Course


This is a personally-designed and customized music history and cultural heritage video course (given your requested music region) constructed just for YOU!

This course is perfect for the budding artists, musicians and world travelers!


What IS the Sounds of the World International Music Course?

Do you love music or know someone who is a musician or music enthusiast? Better yet, do you or someone you know love learning about different cultures and histories from around the world? Today, we combine both music and cultural heritage from a region of YOUR choosing into a one hour-long course! This course is perfect for the budding artists, musicians and world travelers alike, whether that be YOU or that family member or friend who has a birthday coming up!



Upon purchasing our Sounds of The World International Music Course, we will reach out to you to get you scheduled for your free consultation (either via Zoom, phone or email). This will be a chance for you to tell us more about what you are looking for. We will discuss things like what type of music you are interested in learning about, which specific country or region you would like the music history and cultural lesson to be centered around and what you are hoping to gain from the course.

Within 1 week of your consult, we will research and construct an hour-long personalized course for you in the form of a video with a review at the end.


What are some things that might be included in my personalized international music course?

Everyone’s music courses will look different depending on personal interests and learning styles, but some common points and features of a standard international music course may include things like…

-A history of the region in relation to its music origins 

-A history of the music itself and how it evolved

-A playlist of sample songs and styles from the region

-A breakdown of specific instruments used in the local music

-Information of specific musicians and bands popular to the region

-The cultural significance and importance of local music and its impact on society

-Other regions of the world in which the same type of music is popular (if applicable)

-ANYTHING else you may ask us to focus on or include!


What are some examples of course focuses for past recipients?

**The birth of jazz in New Orleans, Louisiana

**How jazz and calypso merged into the Afrobeats of Ghana

**The emergence of rock and roll in the United States

**An overview of the Baroque, Classical Romantic period transition throughout Europe

**The history of Gamelan music and its percussive beats widely heard around Indonesia


Why choose us to create your personalized international music course over Googling articles and YouTube videos?

1. We will not be creating your course blindly. We put the time and energy into understanding exactly what it is you are looking for before we begin designing the course to fit your needs.

2. If needed, we will work with you to make any alterations on your course until you are completely satisfied!

3. It is QUICKER than perusing 500 unspecific YouTube videos, Google articles and blog posts littered with ads anyway!

4. We are true travel and culture experts with a love of music ourselves! We have been researching local music scenes and music history for years now!

5. We have a 100% satisfaction history of our traveling clients!


Need something else or have a question before purchasing your music course? No worries! Contact us HERE!

You can also email us at info@purplehoodadventures.com.



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