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One Hour Destination of Choice Quick Course and Personalized Q & A


A personal destination course designed just for you!


Ever wanted to travel to a particular city, country or even continent but feel TOTALLY overwhelmed by planning, researching and “getting in the know” before you go? Submit your personal questions and we will record a quick course just for you! You’ll have lifelong and immediate access to this hour long recorded personalized webinar on everything you’ll need to know and more! Upon payment, you will receive an email to collect any specific questions you may have or content you would like us to focus on. We will collect the info, do the homework and send the training your way within 48 hours following your response. It’s as simple as that!


What are some things I will learn?

-Basic phrases and language lesson if applicable

-Brief history of your desired location

-Cultural briefing if applicable

-Descriptions of points of interests

-Suggested itineraries

-Budgeting your trip and money saving tips

-Food and drink

-YOUR specific questions answered in depth


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