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Virtual Travel and Lifestyle Events

Virtual Travel and Lifestyle Events for wanderlusters, creatives & digital nomads of the world!

From specific travel-themed topics to lifestyle, creative business and digital nomad-centered topics, we’ve got something for everyone! We host virtual travel and lifestyle events, which include discussions, webinars and even themed parties for the travel  and life enthusiasts!

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virtual travel events
Beginning and building a website

Who are our virtual events for?

Our events are for TWO types of people and BOTH: straight up travel lovers, “independent lifestylists” who want to build an ongoing life of passion and adventure, and those who want to BOTH, to live fulfilling every days WHILE traveling the world more and pursuing a life of location-independence.

We welcome those who see travel and experiencing as more than just a “vacation from work,” but an education for living. We also welcome those who desire more than 2 week vacations and weekends of freedom and are willing to take the steps necessary to build a life of location-independence and truly fulfilling every days ( whether that’s becoming a digital nomad, creative entrepreneur or blogger or just changing career paths)!

If you just love to travel…great! If you are in the process of building your own creative business…great! If you love to travel and want to build a new life for yourself in pursuit of even more adventure…perfect! Our meetings are for all walks of life, from those just looking to travel more to seasoned nomads to beginner bloggers to National Geographic experts! Bring your fun travel stories and ambitions, your creative ideas or successes and, of course, your general life enthusiasm! See you there!

See upcoming dates and topics of our virtual and lifestyle travel events below. You can RSVP to your chosen event(s) directly under each description.

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growing yoru website

Special FREE Virtual Open House:

Creative Coaching & Open Dialogue

Date: Tuesday, July 5th, 2022
Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA-New York Time)

Description: So you want to start a blog, website or business but aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you HAVE begun or you HAVE an established business or creative influencing gig that you just want to see grow. We are opening up a free 2 hour window open house and open dialogue virtual Zoom discussion room just for you!

Arrive and leave any time within the time window at your leisure. If there are others in the open house, you may use this opportunity to network with others or chat with us about your blog or business, your ideas, ambitions or your perceived limitations and pain points. If you happen to be in the meeting by yourself at the time, you may use some of the time as a period at which we can personally coach you on where you’re at, talk with you about next steps or answer any questions you might have about beginning or growing your audience or following!

These 3 hours are for individuals of all types who are serious about beginning something new, but may feel overwhelmed by all there is to know and understand. This will be a chance for you to network and receive free private creative coaching when it comes to building your dreams from the ground up!

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on our more structured and paid creative coaching sessions or our quick courses given to ONLY those who attend this open house event (should you decide to pursue the support further)! All you have to do is show up and get some input and networking in for FREE!

*Included in this event: A chance to network, free creative coaching and support on how to build and grow your website or blog, and special discounts on our paid creative coaching sessions and quick courses should you be interested in receiving more ongoing and consistent accountability and private support in your endeavors!


    Travel 2022 Destinations

    Date: Wednesday, July 6th, 2022
    Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA-New York Time)


    Did you miss our last travel 2022 event? No worries! We’re having it again!

    Ready to do some traveling again? Yeah, us too! Today we will talk top travel destinations for 2022! From the world’s most beautiful places to the destinations which are open to visitors and guidelines on how and where to travel given current mandates and restrictions, our goal is to make 2022 an adventurous year with some returning normalcy! Bring your favorite destinations to share, interest in traveling somewhere new or just questions about where you CAN travel this year!

    *Included in this event: 2022 destination resource packets, trivia & prizes, great information and a chance to meet and connect with other travel enthusiasts!

    Travel and Lifestyle Events


      Website Building, WordPress & Blogging Basics 101 Event

      Date: Monday, July 11th, 2022
      Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA-New York Time)

      Description: You’re always talking about starting a blog or your own website. Maybe you have started, but you don’t know where to go from there. If you’ve ever wanted to get started sharing your stories and expertise with the world (or continue doing so in confidence), today is your day to actually put those words into real actions! We will discuss all of the basics that you need to know about how to get started. We will discuss basic website, WordPress and blog set up, how to personalize your content, how to market yourself and how to even eventually make a living off of your blog or website! No matter where you are in the process of starting, this will be a great event for you to bring your questions, share your knowledge and expertise or to just listen and soak up the information! The world could use more creatives. Don’t get wrapped up in feeling like it’s too complicated. The most important thing is to simply begin. See you at our event!

      *Included in this event: blogging and website setup resource packets, trivia & prizes, great information and a chance to meet and connect with other travel enthusiasts!

      Travel and Lifestyle Events


        Everything Australia

        Date: Tuesday, July 12th, 2022
        Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA-New York Time)

        Description: We’re heading to Oz! Today we will talk about everything pertaining to the land down under! We will discuss top destinations around the continent to visit given specific interests (i.e. beaches, indigenous culture, food, hiking, etc.) as well as discuss ideal times to visit, how to get around (Australia is VAST, in case you hadn’t heard!), top cuisines to try, culture and history and just about anything else you can imagine! Bring your comments, questions, curiosity or your own personal experience to share with the travel group!

        *Included in this event: Australia information resource packets, trivia & prizes, great discussions and a chance to meet and connect with other travel enthusiasts!


        Travel and Lifestyle Events

          budgeting travel

          Budgeting Travel

          Date: Wednesday July 20th, 2022
          Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA-New York Time)

          Description: Today we’re talking everyone’s dreaded topic: BUDGETING…but…for TRAVEL! See? That ended well. We will talk top travel hacks for flight, tour and accommodation booking, how to save for adventure, how to save on costs to be able to travel longer and how to get the best travel perks and rewards to maximize how far your money can get you (literally)! Bring your OWN expertise to this one as well as an openness to learning about new travel budget tips! You won’t want to miss this one!

          *Included in this event: Travel budget information resource packets and guides for your keeping, trivia & prizes, a great discussion and a chance to meet and connect with other travel enthusiasts!

          Travel and Lifestyle Events

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