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Blogs and Podcasts and Vlogs…Oh My!

As you plan your travels and adventures, follow along with me on mine! From travel advice to real time videos to serial podcast episodes, I’ve got just about all of it!


Adventure through your ears and eyes…


Follow me on my ever so nontraditional journey filled with unusual tales and learning experiences as I venture around the world and also balance my “normal” life at home as a remote speech-language pathologist and travel business entrepreneur. As someone who has a pretty tough time staying off of an airplane for a whole week and who once memorized every capital in the world for FUN, I’ve got some pretty interesting stories to share and travel and life advice you won’t probably want to miss!


Listen to my serial episodes relating to both traveling the world and starting an entrepreneurship to break free from the typically expected 9-5! Join me on my journeys as I attempt to balance my nomadic life of wanderlust as well as my “more traditional outwardly appearing normal life.” PHA podcast episodes will give you everything you’re looking for from interesting travel destinations and stories, blogging and entrepreneurship tips and life advice to interviews with others as they share their incredible journeys! PLUS. I wouldn’t leave you without fun travel-themed games and giveaways now, would I?!


From hiking adventures to virtual international cooking how-tos to interesting road trip mishaps to holiday chats to travel information to….OK I’ll just stop there! Never miss out on the fun of real-life struggles, learning experiences, adventurous outings and just good old fashioned chats about life and travel! Because daily adventure is meant to be shared!

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