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As you plan your travels and adventures, follow along with us on ours! From travel tips and stories to creative entrepreneurial talks to interviews with special guests, we’ve got just about all of it wrapped up in our humorous (mainly because we can’t make some of this stuff up), yet insightful blog posts, videos and three seasons of our podcast series!


Adventure through your ears and eyes…


Listen to our semi-serial episodes relating to both traveling AND building a lifestyle you love! Our episodes are comically amusing, yet thought-provoking and educational. We take you with us on our, let’s just say, “not-so-traditional” journeys as wanderlusters and content creators as we attempt to balance a life of “outwardly-appearing normalcy” with a semi-nomadic life filled with more “experiences” than we could ever count! We like to give our listeners a little bit of EVERYTHING. From travel tips and stories about destinations to blogging and entrepreneurial guidance to just general ideas on how to live a life of balance and true happiness, we cover it all. After all, experiences and lifestyle go hand in hand. Plus, we have endless special guests and fun-filled travel-themed games and giveaways, just to top you off! When we said we cover it all….we meant it!


Just as in our podcasts, you can follow along with us on our ever-so-nontraditional journeys filled with unusual tales and learning experiences as we venture around the world and work to build a creative entrepreneurial life outside the typical “9-5” office job. Read about some interesting travel, lifestyle and creative content building experiences and tips that you might not find anywhere else!  Our posts are for everyone out there like us looking to build a life of fulfillment and ongoing adventure. They are for the individuals who value experiences over “things.” We believe that not just vacation days and weekends are meant to be enjoyed, but that EVERY day is a gift and an opportunity to live something new and exciting. Read about just how to make this possible in your own life, both on your trips and in daily life!


Adventure is meant to be shared and we believe in doing just that! From holiday chats to historical and cultural briefs to  educational how-to’s and travel tips and guides, we strive to fully prepare you for any of your future travel or creative life-building endeavors! As with our podcasts and blogs, our videos are informative, yet entertaining with a humorous spin. We like to have fun with our viewers and engage our audience as much as possible! We invite you to become a part of our adventures in real time. We’ve got something for just about everyone!

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