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Join our network of travelers, adventurers, creatives, digital nomads and life enthusiasts!

Thought you were “the odd one out?”

No matter what your friends and family say about your “unhealthy addiction to travel” or “cute little side gig,” you know there HAS to be others out there who share your need for nomadic life filled with experiences and/or a life of autonomy outside of the “typical office 9-5 job” (one that only brings your further from doing MORE of what you ACTUALLY enjoy). Well…you’re RIGHT. There are. In fact….there is an entire world of travelers and creative nomads out there, all over the world…

…brought all together….right here.

Join one of our in-person or virtual travel or lifestyle events or just share you stories and questions in our chat forum! No matter where you are in the world, you belong right here.


Connect with us in…

Our In-Person Events

We travel around the US and soon, the WORLD to host in-person events (i.e. at restaurants or parks and on day hikes or even short group trips). Trivia and prizes are sometimes included in our events and take-home resources are provided, during each event, to all who attend. Our aim is to connect travelers, creative content creators, entrepreneurs and anyone who shares an interest in exploring the world, networking and meeting new people. Our attendants range from those who just want to travel more to seasoned nomads and inspired beginner creatives to professional bloggers. We welcome all walks of life, no matter where on your path you’re on!

Our Virtual Events

Can’t make it to see us? No worries! We also hold virtual events with the same intention as our in-person meetings. If you are a travel lover, an entrepreneur or content creator or you just have ideas for building a life centered around adventure and experiences, you’ve found the right place! As in our in-person events, in each meeting, we talk travel topics or have discussions centered around building a lifestyle or creative career in pursuit of living a life rich with experiences. Again, trivia and prizes may be included and take-home resources are provided for all participants!

or Connect with the Travel & Lifestyle Community in Other Ways!

Our Open Chat Forum

Can’t make any of our live events? We invite you to post a travel or lifestyle topic for discussion, pictures, links, questions or just your inspiring stories with our community! You can post your own topics or just comment and give your input on previously posted topics by other community members. Have a question about a specific topic? Think advice for that upcoming trip, connecting with others who share your travel aspirations or even just a chance to network with other creatives and digital nomads out there! Who needs social media threads anymore?!

Becoming a Member of the Purple Hood Adventurers!

We’ve got one more option for you! This is one for the more serious and consistent member of the travel and lifestyle community. Becoming a more permanent member of our organization (the Purple Hood Adventurers) entitles you to numerous travel and creative living discounts, perks and deals, access to exclusive content, resources and events (at a discounted rate or free of charge) and a more private community of travel and lifestyle enthusiasts with whom to connect. We designed this membership for the individuals who have and will become part of our community for the long term and who want to live a life of ongoing adventure, community and self creation alongside an entire family of supports.

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