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Connect with Others


Ready to Form Lifetime Bonds and Worldwide Friendships?

You have many options, both physically and virtually! Meet and chat with others who share your dreams and passions and make your “one days” realities while sharing your experiences, your own blogs or your travel goals while making lifelong friends from all around the world!


Here’s How You Can Connect!

Shared Chat Forum

Post a Topic for Discussion, your pictures, your links, your questions or your stories with the travel and blogger community! You can share your information and comment or give your advice on previously posted topics posted. Have a question about a specific topic? Need advice for a trip, want to just meet others who share your interest or expand your own business? Well…here’s your chance!

Meet Us Physically!

We travel around the country and soon, the globe to host physical meetups (at restaurants, at parks, on hikes and other ways) in various regions of the United States. Our aim is to connect wanderlusters and travelers, bloggers and entrepreneurs and everyone who shares an interest in exploring the world, networking and meeting new people. Want to travel with the same type of people? We also organize our own domestic and international trips!

Meet Us Virtually!

Too far away? No worries! We host virtual travel meetups for pure travel lovers and/or entrepreneurs to network and meet one another! We have a different topic each online meetup ranging from travel-related topics to building a travel business or blog and entrepreneurship topics! This is a chance to travel with us ALWAYS and for you to network to expand your own travel business or blog site!

Bring Travel to Your Home Virtually!

Stuck at home? No problemo! We host online events to bring everything you love about travel for our home to yours! From around the world cooking or music class nights to cultural craft events to destination information sessions, virtual hikes and more, we’ve got it all! We’ve found a new way to bring travel right to you!

Join the Purple Hood Adventurers!

This is for more permanent members of our travel community. It’s for individuals who want to be a part of a consistent group of travelers. Signing up for a membership will automatically give you first dibs on our organized trips and entitle you to discounts, free travel services and more visits to YOUR proposed destinations. Also, there’s more reasons, but you’ll have to click on this to read the full details!

Have a Question or a Specific Need?

Send me a message with a question, request or any other travel need. I’m here to help!