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Becoming Location-Independent

It’s Time to be the Pilot of your OWN Life.

Some people are destined to create, start something new and break free from “typical societal expectations”. But the problem is that most of us are consumed by worries about risks, not knowing where to start or even the feeling of being overwhelmed with the logistics. Most people strive to be “content” or “like their jobs.” But what IF you could have more??


Entrepreneurship and/or remote work, financial freedom and location freedom are less common because they’re more difficult. But the reward is having a life you LOVE and ultimate freedom. Purple Hood Adventures is ABOUT helping you get there.

Don’t be content with living the same day 28,835 times. Dare to achieve something MORE for yourself and at the end of it all, have zero regrets.

Click on the methods and resources that interest you the most…


It’s no secret. Teaching English has always been a tried and true method for maintaining income while adventuring the world. There are SO many places to visit and SO many programs and options out there. Since Purple Hood Adventures is ALL about helping you break free of that “conveyor belt life”, we put together a few resources all in ONE place for you to really take those next steps. After all. Why WOULDN’T you want to make money and appease that travel bug just by speaking your native language?!


Looking for something a little more creative and personally fulfilling to you?! Blogging and podcasting are AMAZING ways to earn income as you venture the world, especially when given the proper tools to do it right (AKA right here!). Being truly passionate about what you give back to the world as you “make a living” BY “making a living” (for yourself) is really what it’s all about in the end. We provide you with all the resources you need to get started and set up NOW.


Teaching or blogging NOT your things? No worries! The good news is there are literally thousands upon thousands of options which can enable you to become both location and financially free to explore the world ALL while doing something you ACTUALLY are passionate about. Luckily for you you’re on this page and this may be the only resource link you’ll ever need! From hundreds of inexpensive yet reliable online certifications and courses to materials to help “get you there,” we’ve included it all! May you take that leap now and never go back!


All of these resources and options seem intimidating and impersonal? No worries. We get it! Sometimes you just need a face to talk with to really understand where you’re at. At just $12 per hour long session, we offer personal mentorship and support sessions because we’ve BEEN there and are working through it now along with you! We will help you do YOUR research and we will provide you with resources specific for YOUR business or future business. Not sure if it’s right for you? Contact us here and we can have a free initial consultation meeting (something also given with registration!).

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