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Hi everyone! As usual, here are the virtual meetup notes from today on the topic of finding the right tour for your upcoming trip!

But first, announcements for this week:

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Again, quarantine can be eventful and fun! Check out our Covid-19 Escape page to make the most out of this time in isolation!


Virtual Meetup Notes and Summary:

First off, we are in the process of adding ALL of our thousands upon thousands of new tours and excursions all around the world every day here on our updated site! I am currently creating a full page, for each destination in nearly every corner of the world, complete with a list of some of our top rated tours, a list of things to see and do as well as a description of food, accommodations and transportation options, a daily budget analysis, money saving tips, tour book materials, links and MUCH more so you have all the info you need in one place. Right now, I have a sample of a few of them out so far but we are adding new pages every day for you! Browse what we have now so far using the map or the list of countries in the world here:



As you can guess, this is going to take awhile for them all to be posted, so if you are looking for a page or a tour ANYWHERE in the world, contact me here and I will create my next destination page devoted to your place of interest! Also, if you contact me with a a specific tour type of place of interest, I will work with our suppliers to find you exactly what you need free of charge! Think of Purple Hood Adventures as your own personal travel agent and advocate! 🙂


When looking for a tour in a particular destination, here are the things to consider:

-Length of trip or tour (do you want multi-day and location tours, just day tours, etc.)

-Type of tour (consider activity level and purpose of the tour whether it be sightseeing, camping, a walking tour, a driving tour, etc.)

-Times and days the tour may run (i.e. does it run every day or only certain days?)

-Cost of the tour (think in comparison to doing something with food, accommodations and/or transportation included versus doing everything on your own individually)

-Age range tour is targeted for

-Size of tour (how many people involved)


Types of touring operators and agencies Purple Hood Adventures works with:

-We have day tours, multi-day, multi-city and multi-country tours, extended tours, private transportation, some trips that travel the world leaving the US and even some private travel insurances with our affiliates that are available for you.

-Some of the well-known partners we work with include Contiki, G-Adventures, Booking.com, Skyscanner, Homeaway, USA Guided Tours, Travel you to the Moon and many others.

-We also work with individual local tour guides all over the world whom have built businesses off of sharing their country and culture with travelers. I do many of the tours myself so that I am able to competently know that they are great ones to share with you in my own business! Below is an example. The picture is of a tour I did with Butterfly Tours in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This was me staying with a local family after biking the countryside of Cambodia to get there. I learned SO much about the culture and country and locals here! It was one of the top things I have done in my life!


Here is another one I did in Australia where I met some friends for life. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I’ve ever had. It was a 3 day hiking and camping adventure as we visited the Red Centre of Australia! We visited Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta and slept in “swags” under the stars! Here are a few images of that tour that we also have available for you!

In sum: I will work with both larger well-known touring agencies around the globe but I also know of and trust many small mom and pop local tour guides who really put passion into what they do. And those are my favorite types of partners to work with! 🙂


Some Top “Favorites” Destinations Discussed:


-Banff, Alberta

-New Zealand


-South Africa




Other top booking sites out there that are not through me:


-Air BnB Experiences




-KKday, eOasia (Asia focused)

-Leezair, Experience Oz, Adrenaline (Australia and New Zealand focused

-With Locals, Tours by Locals (local-touring focused)

See this article for reference: tourscanner.com/blog-book-tours-online


Other Info:

-Consider reading reviews to see what other liked about the tour you’re thinking of. I typically post tours on my site with 5 stars or at least 4.5.

-I found another blog post online about how to break down finding a good tour for you: https://travel-made-simple.com/tours-which-one-is-right-for-you/


Advantages of booking a tour:

-Many are inclusive (you often get food, accommodations, sight admissions all in one cost)

-You get to meet others!

-You can see a lot in less time

-The logistics are planned for you

-You get some extra sightseeing, explanations and education (i.e. when I was in Costa Rica, I wandered by tour guides pointing out various animals to their group that I stopped to view myself (most of which were very hard to see to the untrained eye!)

-If you’re worried about safety, they are a great option!

-You have built in photographers (i.e. you never have to take that awkward selfie-fellow solo travelers, you know what I mean!)

-Overall convenience and ease! They’re fun, easy, convenient and hassle-free!

*My personal favorite are multi-day trips when I’m solo traveling!

Again, if you have somewhere you’re looking to go after the pandemic, now is the time to plan! I personally will help you find whatever it is you’re looking for (it’s basically my past time ANYWAY)! 🙂 Just contact me with a request and I will make a page for you and do some research to assist you!

Again, feel free to add your own comments, questions, shared experiences of tours YOU loved and have been on right here on this forum! Any advice or recommendations appreciated and welcomed!

Happy Saturday, ya’ll!



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