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Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

Here are some notes from the virtual meetup all about hiking today! But first, here is this week’s announcements!



1.If you’d like to go on a hike with us, send me an email at info@purplehoodadventures.com to make a request or show interest! I will be organizing many hikes when the quarantine is through so get your ideas up and running! Also, please comment on this post or make your own post by hitting “ask a question” for any stories, suggestions or questions! Subscribe to hear the latest on all the upcoming hikes and destination hiking trips!!

2. I am now hosting virtual events weekly which include hikes, around the world cooking classes, music meetup sessions, cultural crafting sessions and destination information nights! I also provide ongoing support to help you build your own business during this time. So excited for these!

ALL VIRTUAL MEETUP ATTENDANTS get 50% discount on EVERYTHING in this page: https://purplehoodadventures.com/the-covid-19-escape/. If you don’t remember the Promo code, email me (info@purplehoodadventures.com) and I’ll give it to you!

3. Next meetup: Saturday, April 25th at 2pm on finding the right excursions and tours for your trips! See upcoming meetups and sign up here: https://purplehoodadventures.com/meet-us-in-a-virtual-location/


OK here are the meetup notes!! Feel free to comment, share your own input or ask a question!! 🙂


Some highlight INTERNATIONAL hikes:

1. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Peru) : ranges from single day to 3-4 day hikes to 7 day hikes. Most popular classic hike is the 3-4 day hike.

-Elevation up to 14,000 feet (at Dead Woman’s Pass)

– 26 Miles/34 Km

-Prepare for elevation changes. I suggest staying a couple days in Cusco prior to hike start in order to get acclimated

-Limit of 500 visitors per year, so if you go, book early!


2. Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Spain): A series of pilgrimage routes ending at the shrine of Apostle St. James in the cathedral de Compostela

-Most popular route: French Pyrenees across Northern Spain

-Many people stay in Monasteries along the way

-You need to walk at least 100km to get your Compostela Certificate

-Best time to hike between April-October


3. Laugavegur Trail (Iceland): “one of the top trails of the world”

-4 to 6 days moderate activity

-Without a guide, make sure you bring a compass!

-Highlights- glaciers, volcanoes, geothermal paradise


4. Tongariro Alpine Crossing (New Zealand): Labeled as best single day hike in NZ and arguably the world

-You can actually see “Middle Earth” and “Mordor” and “Shadow of Doom from Lord of the Rings

– Filled with green and blue lakes, volcanoes, lava flows

-19.4 km (12 miles)

-November-April best time to hike (weather may make this impassable from May-October)


5. Tour du Mont Blanc (Switzerland/France/Italy): Highest peak in western Europe

-112 mile loop filled with cliffs, canyons, narrows and ancient petroglyphs

– Has 11 stages with a big elevations (10,000 meter decent) and 1km more than hiking Mr. Everest from sea level!


Other honorable mentions for international hikes:

-Trolltunga (Norway)

-Pennine Way (United Kingdom)

-Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

-Torres Del Paine Circuit (Patagonia, Chile)

-Mount Kilamanjaro: Machame Route (Tanzania)


Some highlight US hikes:

1. Yosemite National Park:

-Mist trail (best in spring when snow melts from Nevada and Vernal falls)

-Half Dome hike (above Yosemite Valley and 14-16 miles)

-Glacier Point ( 4.7 miles one way but 9.4 round trip)

-Upper Yosemite Falls (7.6 miles round trip)

-I did Vernal Falls in the fall time and it was my FAVORITE! I personally recommend going in the fall. It may be drier and some of the waterfalls are dry but the foliage is BEAUTIFUL and there is no crowd. Also hiking in a dry lake is pretty cool! 🙂


2. Zion National Park (my personal favorite US National Park and also where my original “purple hood” came from)

-Angel Landing (5 miles from floor of Zion and filled with switchbacks, narrows and tunnel views from 1,488 feet above. May need chains for safety for parts of this trail!)

-Canyon overlook (1 mile)

-Emerald Pool Trail (another one of my favorite and 1.5-3 miles)

-The narrows (16 mile longer hike)


3. Full coastal trails which include the Appalachian Trail on the east coast and Pacific Crest Trail on the west coast)

-Appalachian is 2,190 miles from Springer Mountain, GA to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. Goes through Smokey mountains and Blue Ridge mountains. No fees or permits needed. There is a 100 miles of wilderness in Maine recommended by others (a rugged stretch of mountains)

-Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. It passes through California, Oregon and Washington. One recommendation is High Trail (summit of Ritter Range, CA). You can also pass through places like Yosemite, Sierra Nevada, Cascade and Klamath ranges)


4. Harding Ice Field Trail in Kenai Fjords National Park (near Seward)

-Got millions of 5 star reviews of people saying it was the most beautiful hike they had ever been on.

-Best to go May-October

-9.7 miles strenuous round trip covered in ice, snow and glaciers


5.Glacier National Park (borders Canada and Montana)

-“Crown of the continent”

-Has streams flowing into the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay

-An easier trail is “Trail of Glaciers” and harder trail is “Grinnel Glacier”. Also there is the popular Continental Divide Trail

-You can see waterfalls, mountain ranges and many geographical features


Other honorable mentions for US hikes:

-Ice Age Trail (Wisconsin-Minnesota)

-South Kaibab Trail (Grand Canyon, AZ)

-Rubicon Trail (Lake Tahoe, CA)

-Cascade Canyon Trail (Grand Tetons, WY)

-All of the Rocky Mountain trails, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Arches Ntl Pk, Canyonlands

-Olympic National Park we also discussed!



Some highlight Local OHIO Hikes:

In northeast Ohio:

-Gorge Trail (1.8 miles in Cuyahoga Falls)- My personal favorite in the “Summit County Fall Hiking Spree”

-Deep Lock Quarry (1.4 miles)

-Shumacher Trail (1.2 miles)

In Cleveland area:

-Ledges Trail (2.2 miles)

-Fort Loop Trail (0.9 miles)

-Brandywine Gorge Trail (1.5 miles)

-Trails with overlook of city at West Creek Reservation

-Chaplin Forest Reservation

In Cincinnati Area:

-Mount Airy Forest (lots of trails)

-Caldwell Nature Preserve (Finneytown- 3.5 miles)

-Cincinnati Nature Center (Milford-over 16 miles of trails)

-Winton Woods

-Sharon Woods

In Southeast Ohio:

-Hocking Hills

-Old Man’s Cave


-Red River Gorge is great!


Hiking gear:

Look at https://www.kandooadventures.com/climb-kilimanjaro/plan/kilimanjaro-packing-list/ for a list of what to pack given the hike you’re on! This looks awesome!

Some ideas for things to bring on a hike depending on what type of hike it is:

-day bag


-sun and bug protections

-cleated shoes if needed

-headlamp for darker hikes



-hand sanitizer

-electrolytes (in powder or liquid form)

-trekking poles

-water bottle or hydration pack (like camelback type- 3 liters)


-first aid kit

For cold weather: fleece clothing, gloves, hat, waterproof jacket (like my purple hood!)

trekking boots: mid weight like Solomon, Scarpa or Hi-tec recommended


OK guys that’s it for this week! Can’t wait for April 25th!! Have a good rest of your Sunday!







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