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Hey guys! So awesome (as usual) to have you all at our virtual meetup this evening pertaining to upcoming group trips! Like I said, now is the time to plan for when things finally get a little more back to normal! 🙂 Please please don’t hesitate to comment or ask a question or share an idea directly on this forum page by hitting the “ask a question” button or responding to this thread. This forum  is for everyone to chat and connect easily at ANY TIME!

As usual, here is the summary of what we talked about as well as this week’s announcements!

This Week’s Announcements:

1. First of all, click here to see all of our potential upcoming trips and tentative dates. Keep in mind, I will need a minimum signup for each trip for them to take place so if you think you MIGHT like to go, please fill out the form with the destination of interest at the bottom of that page. The sooner you express interest, the sooner I can get a head count and actually start to send the detailed information and begin booking the trips. Signing up does NOT commit you but merely tells me you are interested and would like to receive more information about it. If there are more than one trip you’re interested in, please select the “I’m interested in more than one of these trips” options under location and then you will be given a chance to type in where you want to travel to.

2.  Next virtual meetup is on podcasting and blogging on Thursday, May 21st at 6pm-7pm (don’t worry, fellow Ohioans patiently awaiting to get to a restaurant on that day since they’ll be OPEN then. There will be plenty of time to catch dinner after our meetup! 🙂 See virtual meetups here to sign up for any one or more of the upcoming virtual meetups!

3. Again, ALL VIRTUAL MEETUP ATTENDANTS receive 50% off EVERYTHING on my virtual fun Travel in the Home events page and also events and services on my Covid-19 Escape Page! If you need the promo code again, just contact me and I’ll remind you!

4. My newest page is on ICELAND. If you ever wanted to travel there, here is EVERYTHING you need to know about going and everything you might need for your trip all on one page. Also, Iceland will be one of our upcoming trips, so check out the tentative dates for that here!

5. I definitely made a YouTube video from our Cinco de Mayo meetup last Tuesday. Here, you can get some amazing ideas for where to travel to in Mexico and also learn how to make a simple homemade mole sauce (and no this is NOT one of the gross ones you’ve had before!). Click here to view the video. Enjoy!


OK Now onto Today’s Upcoming Trip Virtual Meetup Notes:

A summary of WHAT Purple Hood Adventure upcoming group trips will be about. All of your questions answered:

Who are they for?

-Our trips will be for pretty much everyone, especially for those who love travel and love to meet others! They are also for other creatives and people interested in living a different kind of life: a fulfilled life of adventure. So if you are a blogger or podcaster yourself or you would want to start your own business some day in order to be able to travel more freely, here is a chance to find others who SHARE those passions and interests AND whom love to travel as much as you! BUT, that being said, our trips are for ANYONE who wants to travel, and certainly also those who DON’T blog or have a desire to start an entrepreneurship!

-Some of our trips will be active and some will be lower key. ALL AGES and fitness levels welcome to any one of our trips. There are absolutely no exclusions! 🙂

How long will the group trips be?

-Trips will range  in time. We will have shorter weekend getaway trips (i.e. hiking or camping trips to exploring a new city for a weekend) and we will have longer 1-2 week or longer trips.

Where will trips be?

-Our trips will be both domestic and international. You can click here to see the tentative upcoming trips locations and dates here. Right now, they include Hocking Hills camping, Geneva-on-the-Lake 4th of July weekend, Glacier National Park, Red River Gorge cabin stay, Colorado Springs, New Orleans, Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountains, Iceland and Costa Rica.

What about the pandemic?

Obviously all of these trips are tentative. We will only travel to destinations which have been cleared and deemed safe to travel to. I will be keeping up with each destination in terms of rules, regulations and possibility (or lack there of) of traveling to the locations. These dates are all tentative, but if they ARE going to happen, I need to begin planning them now, so let me know if you are interested in them! If it turns out that we can NOT go during the dates posted, later dates will be posted and the trips will be postponed.

What if I want to go but the dates don’t work?

Dates are not 100% set in stone, so if it turns out that a time period or other dates work best for the most of our travelers, we will change the dates. Please express interest and then just comment in “additional comments or date change request” box on the signup form.

What would be included in the trip?

-INCLUSIONS: ALL activities, admissions, attractions, accommodations, transportation and tours that is part of what we do in the itinerary as a group. All tips, gratuity and taxes will be included. SOME food (like breakfasts or group meals part of our organized activity for the day), snacks and water will be included. Also, there will be an included champagne toast on our last night together.

-EXCLUSIONS: Meals or costs that are not part of our tour or organized activities like dinner at a restaurant or that ice cream cone you got when everyone else was changing for dinner are not included. Alcohol other than champagne toast not included. Your plane ticket (or means of transportation to or from our destination where we start our trip) not included.

When will I know how much the trip costs?

-Once you sign up to hear more and express interest in particular trips, I will notify you with updates. When I have a final headcount and confirmation of everyone interested in going, I will send a detailed itinerary (with your input as well) as well as final cost for the trip. Keep in mind, almost everything will be included so all you will have to do is show up and have the time of your life!

Will there be any free time or down time?

-Yes! There will be some hours here and there for you to do your own thing. Our primary days and itinerary will be planned and filled but there will be a little bit of downtime for you to do your souvenir shopping or for you to explore that other side of town we didn’t get to before dinner.

What if I have more questions? How can I find out?!

-You can either ask directly on this forum or you can contact me for anything I forgot to answer on here! 🙂


Alright! NOW! Let’s hear what our guests have to say!

If you were not at our virtual meetup, please answer these questions on this forum thread if you have a minute so I can really get a feel for everyone’s ideas! Purple Hood Adventures is a collaboration and a community and it wouldn’t be such without YOU so if you can, go ahead and respond to the following questions if you have a minute!

1. Do you prefer weekend trips or longer trips when traveling with a group?

2. Do you prefer hiking and active trips (i.e. water sports and more on-the-go) or do you prefer more downtime and leisure like sightseeing?

3. Do you like your trips with groups to have constant activities planned or do you prefer more downtime for you to chill or have that nap you’ve been needing?

4. Do you prefer international trips or domestic ones?

5. What are YOUR ideas for future trips?! Where would you like us to plan an adventure (keep in mind I will try to arrange this if I can!)?

6. Any perceived barriers, downfalls or apprehensions you’d have going on a group trip?


Here is what our virtual meetup guests said in regards to these questions:

-Many of our travelers prefer weekend trips and smaller trips before moving into larger trips, so if you think you might like to come on a trip with us, try one of our shorter ones first to see if you like them!

-Our members enjoy city walking and exploring places that way

-Many of our travelers enjoy hiking trips and active outdoor activities

-Some members suggested having some built in time to do things on their own (like souvenir shop of what not), but some prefer some downtime to just have on their own. Either way, you’d have some options to do some extra things on our trips!

-Members said it’s about the people you are with that make the trip, so we are looking for everyone who loves meeting others, who love adventure and/or who are creatives and bloggers! We work to connect all types of travelers from all different walks of life! 🙂


Some top places members would like to visit that I will likely look into organizing trips for:

-Italy, Spain, Austria and Western Europe



-San Diego and California in general

-Las Vegas

-New York City


Additional Ideas proposed and discussed by members of today’s meetup:

-going on a luge adventure (look it up!) which is like one of those snow sledding activities you see in the Olympics!

-We may have some special interests or needs trips for visually impaired or have other physical needs

-In Colombia, South America- try bandeja paisa

Additional Notes:

I just came back from a Costa Rica trip in March where I was scouting out our upcoming trip. I put a lot of time and energy into making sure you have the best trip possible and the most fun you could possibly have! This trip WAS going to happen in September but has been since postponed due to the pandemic. It is now tentatively scheduled for November of this year.

Remember that each trip has about a 6-8 member or so minimum sign up, so the sooner you express interest in a trip, the better! If you know of anyone else who would like to go, please send them to my site! I am a very small business looking to expand and get the word out, so spread the information and help me get the word out there so I can give more to YOU! 😀

Thanks again for another awesome virtual meetup, everyone! Again, please don’t hesitate to post on this forum freely with comments, stories, questions or ANYTHING! See you next time!

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Let’s travel to The Appalachian trail, The Grand Canyon, The Keys in Florida, let’s do Halloween in New Orleans!

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I’m on board for all of the above! Been to the Grand Canyon 3 times but have yet to ACTUALLY do the trails I wanted because of either weather or getting there too late! Also, Appalachian Trail is a big time bucket list!!!! And The Keys, of course, are always spectacular! I know at least a couple of others mentioned the keys and Grand Canyon also! I’ll do some more looking into these trips for SURE! Thanks Ana!! Anyone else?! 😀

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