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Guys…I listened to an EXTREMELY thought-provoking 3 hour audio post this weekend on my drive to Virginia. I wanted to share with you all ACTUAL ways and leads for escaping societal expectations that we need to work and live in the same location going on the same “vacation” every year working for the weekend and basically working our ENTIRE lives away making someone ELSE’S dreams come true. Our days are not guaranteed. Have no regrets and live every day to the fullest. ENJOY your Mondays. Don’t dread them. I meant it when I said I want to help us all get to live our MAXIMUM quality of lives each and every day and I will stop at nothing to get us ALL there!

Here are some links worth checking out:

1.” Teaching English online is one of the top and most recommended ways to travel the world and be location and financially independent. Get certified now for LITERALLY 75% off courses.

2. ACTUALLY travel  and ENJOY your trips when you have them. Early Booking, Up to 60% off Be Live Hotels, Dominican Republic here!

3. Start an online business that will help you live freely and on your own terms for the rest of your life! Here is 50% Off KnownHost Managed WordPress Hosting to startup your site!

4. And furthering that start a business thing…get up to 96% off small business products at Namecheap!

5. OK well if none of these things is for you I’m SURE winning $100,000 would be helpful for you in achieving what you desire most in life!

Alright everyone! Happy Monday and here’s to having a happy Monday for the rest of your Mondays!!

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