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Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all you amazing veterans out there! My family is FULL of both active and retired military. Are you in the military and if so, which branch? Comment on this post and let us know! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and let us remember those who are no longer with us <3  In honor of this day, I’ve gathered together some memorial tours and excursions both nationally and internationally around the world. I love learning about the history of the world and remembering a time I wasn’t even alive for yet, personally. Check out these unique memorial experiences around the globe!


And in honor of this holiday, I included a picture that I also posted on our Instagram:

When I went to go search for “soldier” in my Google photos, this image of my dad hiking in the Smoky Mountains last year right when he was in the middle of undergoing his chemotherapy! He is also a vet and served in the Army. Now HE is a warrior and trooper on ALL accounts! Wanted to share the picture with all of you!

Happy Memorial Day, fellow travel and creative world!

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