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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some great information a member of our last virtual meetups on hikes emailed to me! We talked a great deal about getting ready to hike the Inca Trail. As having done it myself, I will tell you it is literally the best thing you’ll ever do! But here are some helpful ways to plan and train that she shared:

PS: I meant to share this photo from hiking the Inca Trail back in 2016. This is Dead Woman’s Pass, which is the highest elevation market at 14,000 feet. This was the most rewarding part of the entire hike! If anyone wants to know more about the hike, let me know!

Also, if you’re from Cincinnati and you love to find beautiful low-key walks and hikes, here is a list of some great ones she also shared

! 😀

Share your comments, questions or other hikes you love or resources you have by commenting or submitting your own post! Just hit the “ask a question button at the top!” 🙂
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