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What can I expect from Louisiana?

Known as the state that sits along the Mississippi river in the deep south of the United States, Louisiana is known for some of the most astounding culture and history! From the French Quarter to war museums and haunted history excursions to the parks, cemeteries, plantations and swamps, this state has something for everyone! Temperatures are generally warmer and the culture is rich. New Orleans is my personal favorite city in the USA. Every trip there is like visiting a slice of Europe right here in the US!

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Experiences from New Orleans:

Things to See and Do in Louisiana

New Orleans French Quarter/Bouron Street
Explore the Historic Cemetaries and Plantations
Experience Mardi Gras
Venture to the iconic Cafe Dumonde for a bignet
Visit the WWII Museum
Experience the Creole and Cajun food culture
Experience Jazz and heritage events
Visit a bayou and gators on an airboat
Visit the state capitol of Baton Rouge

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” — Tennessee Williams

What to Expect…

Accommodations – There are many types of accommodations in Louisiana. Bed and Breakfasts and hostels are popular to experience local life and for a real added southern feel. Hotels are also ubiquitous and range from trendy boutiques to high rise chains. One of my favorite places to stay is The Green House Inn. It’s a great place to meet locals and travelers, has a vibrant feel and is in a great location at an affordable rate!

Food – There is certainly no shortage! Fill your plate with Cajun and Creole cuisine, gumbo, jambalaya or candied pralines. In the morning, head to the infamous Cafe Dumonde for some good old-fashioned powdered sugar and fried dough known as the notorious bignets (but don’t wear any dark clothing)! Want to do a food tour? Check out one of the top rated experiences!

Transportation – If you’re headed to one of the cities, walking is certainly an option. In New Orleans, most attractions are close. But if your feet are sore (or your shoe is broken…again), there are trolleys, buses and taxis. If you rent a car, you can take day trips out beyond the city, which is what we usually do!  Need a car? You can book one here!

Suggested daily budget – On average, New Orleans, Louisiana, for example, will cost around $100-191 per day depending on accommodations and transportation. Travelers have reported the average cost of food in New Orleans is around $36 per day while transportation averages to be around $41 and hotels average around $200 for a couple (although I personally have found accommodations there to be much cheaper than this, even during holiday weekends). These numbers are average for both high and low spenders.

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Money Saving Tips

Stay in budget (but quaint) accommodations Search here!
Book an all-inclusive excursion or city pass Contact us to find specific tours or check out the pass options below!
If traveling locally, you can walk or take local transportation. If you are traveling around the state, renting a car might be a good option! Search for a car!

Need a few light reading materials for the ride there or for gifts? I always travel with books. You just never know when you might not have cell reception!

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