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Book Your Travel Logistics!

Keeping close tabs on your open tabs

Have you ever noticed you have a “go-to” website or app for EACH thing you need to book for EVERY trip?! Do you constantly find yourself asking your travel guru friends “What site do you use for (insert one of countless travel logistic needs here)?”  What if you could have ONE answer and ONE tab open to complete all your bookings on all the “go-to sites” at ONCE? Now THAT’S a concept! We partner with OUR top favorite go-to sites for flight, hotel, car, cruise, campsite and other bookings to help you get the number one deals without being on the number 5 tab.

And guess what? Our friends are the ones asking us…”What site do you use for (insert one of countless travel logistic needs here)?”. Well, here’s their and YOUR answer!

Book Your Flights!

Hands down, our favorite flight-booking platform in existence is Skyscanner.com. Use the search widget here to find the top deals with the most flexibility…to ANYWHERE you might want to go!

WHY do we recommend this platform?

It AUTOMATICALLY scans ALL airlines and companies on the internet to reveal the BEST prices

FLEXIBILITY in travel dates (You don’t even need to know the day or the month!)

Multi-city flight searching available

Visual booking calendar with color-coordinated prices (by high, medium or low)

Automated alerts available

EASY to sort flights by time, airline, class and other parameters

Book Your Hotels!

Our favorite accommodations booking platform has and always will be Booking.com. We use it for all of our own travels.


WHY do we recommend this platform?

ALWAYS the best prices

Searchable and filterable by just about ANY parameter

Every accommodation type available (i.e. hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, campsite, entire apartment, etc.)

VISUALLY friendly (i.e. pictures of your place of stay and a visual map to view locations and distances)

EASY to manage and, most often, NO cancellation fees!

Book Your Rental Vehicle!

As with our preferred flight searching platform, we LOVE Skyscanner (yes, you can book more than just flights with them)! This is the platform we’ve found that automatically offers the lowest prices and best sorting options!

WHY do we recommend this platform?

Rental locations searchable by entire city or airport

Automatic best deals and lowest fares across all rental companies pulled

Searchable by all imaginable parameters (like class, type, policy, transmission, etc.)

Free cancellations up until 48 hours of pickup date

Book Your cruise!

Our favorite website for not only booking, but also researching cruises before you decide on the best one for you, hands down, is Cruisecritic.com. Click on the image below to begin your search!

WHY do we recommend this platform?

Cruises in ALL corners of the WORLD available

Searchable by MANY different cruise types and purposes (i.e. family cruises, singles cruises, first time cruises, etc.)

Filterable by NUMEROUS parameters (i.e. vehicle type, supplier, doors, fuel type, make, allotted passengers, etc.)

EASY to compare cruises by fares, reviews, insights and other measures

Searchable and filterable by price, duration, line, port and MANY other parameters

Book your campsite or RV

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and nature junkie like us? You’re in luck! We’ve partnered with our favorite campground-booking site (Campgroundviews.com) and RV-sharing company ( RVshare.com) to give you the best off-the-grid experience imaginable!

Find a campsite by clicking the image below to begin your search!

Pick your perfect campsite at CampgroundViews.com

Or track down your RV by clicking on the image below to begin your off-road adventures!

WHY do we recommend these platforms?

Campground Views: ALL camping locations around the US viewable by Google street view, images and virtual tours

Campground Views: free to use

RV Share: Recognized as the largest, safest and most trusted RV rental company

RV Share: Easily searchable by multiple parameters (i.e. pet-friendly, deliverable, top picks, etc.)

RV Share: Guaranteed protection for your trip

And last, but not least, don’t forget to…

Book your travel insurance!

Need Something Specific?

Let us know and we would be happy help!

So hop in the car, put the HOOD DOWN AND HEAD OUT!