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Posted: January 17, 2017

Author: Marie Elena

It is no secret that Purple Hood Adventures has been gaining attention. As of 2017, we are taking on a new role in the travel community. In case you didn’t read about Purple Hood Adventures on the other pages of our website, Purple Hood serves as a hub for all travelers and connects everyone from staycationers to seasoned nomads. I want to make it easier on everyone to travel and see the world. As a wanderlust entrepreneur myself centering a business around my number one passion, I’m an active part of the community. I want to hear from you about your experiences as well as share my own stories through my blogs.

Purple Hood Adventures is not a large corporate business with rich owners who are far removed from everything they began. I run the business, with my husband as my sidekick, from my home in Ohio and I single handedly created my website without having millions of dollars to pay a professional (hence flaws and imperfections). I’ve put my heart and soul into everything Purple Hood Adventures is today in hopes of creating a new kind of social sharing and experience sanctuary for anyone who desires to be a part of it!

I don’t follow Instagram pages to jack up my own followers only to immediately unfollow to “look cool” (what the heck is WITH that, anyway?? Like…why is that a thing??).

I want to personally help you book your trip and personally research and make available best touring, accommodation and flight options to help you get the most out of your trip. I want to share with you my real-life sitcom TV show reality and struggles (they literally don’t seem real but they definitely are!) and hear about that time YOU accidentally ate an inedible plant and caused a restaurant staff member to freak out (wait…is that just something that happens to me?). It is my belief that travel shapes us and helps us grow more than any other experience on earth, so I’m here to make it happen for you.

It is my belief that travel is more than just “going places.” I believe experiences are the only thing we can buy that actually makes us richer. I believe experiencing the world and ourselves out in it away from our structured routines can change us in a way that words can’t describe. It is my purpose to create a social network and community of travelers around the world while offering specialized experiences with experienced guides and agencies in all corners of the world. Purple Hood also partners with some of the very best booking platforms and organizations to help you book anything travel-related to help you GET to that place you always said “one day” to. This is the very beginning and I want you to be a part of it!

OK, OK so you’ve made it this far. Well, we have several new super exciting announcements for all of you! I told you these were coming soon! Drum roll…



Announcement #1:

This late February to April, as the founder of Purple Hood Adventures, I will, myself, be traveling around the western portion of the United States for several weeks. I plan to open myself to meet ups and anyone interested in getting together to talk travel or just life in general as I make my way around Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, and New Mexico.  It is also my goal to create this network through the web and also in person. Sooo…anyone like Mexican food?

I also plan to assure maximization of my customers’ experiences with their tour guides and companies and I plan on personally meeting and getting to know service providers in those areas! Soon after, I plan to leave for Australia for some time to do the same thing (seriously I cannot WAIT to indulge in a little Vegemite!). I plan to personally experience the tours provided on my website so I can make sure only the best ones are offered and available to you. And again, if you are interested in meeting up with me or just to chat about your travels or becoming involved with Purple Hood, I would love to meet you! You can contact me and we can meet up for coffee or a beer or just to talk! I’m definitely geeking out about meeting some of you lovely people!


Announcement #2:


OK, now onto the second order of business. I am reaching out to all of you other fellow travelers out there. If you have a blog or even just stories in your mind about your travel experiences, I want to hear from you and read about them! Come on. We all would just love to hear about the time you got your pant cuff stuck in the subway doors in New York City (just me again?)! If you are interested in sharing your stories or travel advice, Purple Hood Adventures now has a  forum for anyone to post right here on our site! My intent is to form a travel community among ourselves. Purple Hood is about more than just me posting blogs and offering travel services to those on the road. The hood is a hub for ALL travelers to communicate and meet one another! So, I invite all of you to begin writing and commenting here in this forum! I would love to hear your thoughts!


Announcement #3:

Onto third order of business. I’m just full of business today! I decided to do some more research and brainstorming about some helpful tools and travel companies I have used or would like to use to make life just a tad bit easier and more cost efficient when out solo traveling. Actually, I personally needed this list too for this coming spring (selfish, I know)! It helps me pretend I’m organized! I felt it was a necessary part of what I do here at Purple Hood Adventures!


I know on my previous post, I talked about using Skyscanner and it being the best flight searching website I’ve ever seen! I think I harped on that one enough. If you haven’t read that post, you probably just should…like now…before you book your next flight. It will save you migraines, dizzy spells, and panic attacks. Go ahead. I’ll wait (I sound like your 6th grade Language Arts teacher). The beauty of a blog is that it won’t go anywhere! You can come right back!

Did you read it??? No. I’m serious.

OK…I’m trusting you!

So… you’re at the airport now. You got your super cheap flight. Everything is smooth sailing from here on in, right? You opted NOT to sit in awkward silence in your Uber driver’s car ( you’ve had your fill of fun on those!). Ah, instead, you’ve had a nice peaceful drive to the airport! Then you remember the dreaded dread of the dread: Long term parking. Seriously? You could have taken a limo for how much money they want you to pay just to reserve a small wedge of allotment between two monster Hummers. This also happens to be a primo spot for over-sized potato sacks (I mean suitcases) to be lazily dragged along, precariously colliding into your precious chariot! It’s true. Watch people attempting to make this arduous trek some time. Fascinating.

Do you know the solution? Bumper buddies! Just kidding. But if you live in New York City, I’m totally not. Anyway, it’s About Airport Parking! About Airport Parking allows you to reserve a space ahead of time for far less cost than drive up parking. You can even compare prices and view the maps of the spots in the comfort of your own home before even leaving the house. Again, a great way to avoid a mental breakdown just hours before your flight (and from making the security personnel think you’ve lost your cool…that’s never a good thing).

But what about when you actually get to your destination?

How do you know what to see and do? What if you only have a limited amount of time? How do you quickly find out about what there is to do and how much each thing costs? Panic, right?! You don’t want to waste one single minute doing all of that nonsense figuring out! What I have often done is get a CityPASS. Using this allows me to purchase all of the major tourist attractions at once for one central discounted rate. CityPASS is available in multiple languages and is located around the US and internationally. Not to mention, you can just skip all of the long lines for each individual ticket counter! Brilliant! By the way, there are always good discounts on purchases of these. Plus, the booklet is cool to keep as sort of a travel souvenir (or to satisfy your hoarding urges..it’s your call).


Patiently awaiting a tsunami to pass one evening under the Lincoln Memorial in DC. I don’t know why this was such an enjoyable experience. Possibly it’s because I hadn’t sat in 11 hours.

Ok so I’ve been talking a lot about US travel lately, but as many of you know, Europe holds a special place in my heart and it’s an extremely popular continent to visit for vacationers and backpackers. I use to live in Germany with a girl from China who use to take hours trying to communicate to me that she did not like to find my hairs in the shower. But I would give my left leg to be back in my little apartment on Philipp Rosenthal Strasse and I miss it everyday!

Anyway, I traveled around Europe by myself when I was 20. Yep, I’m one of those female solo travelers and I love it! Something about traveling alone makes one really take in the surroundings! So, how did I get around? I bought a rail pass through RailEurope of course! I was able to get a rail pass traveling to all of the countries I wanted to visit. I even took some over night trains. RailEurope has so many different types of passes including youth passes at discounted rates. And guess what else? It runs trains all around the world including Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia! They should just call it RailWORLD! Seriously, though, If you are going to Europe and you want to get around, the best way is to get a rail pass. There is no better way to people watch and country-side watch (if that’s a thing)!

So…when are we going? I’ll let you pick the dates. Just let me know.

 Train travel not for you? Cars are cool too! Here is a link to an excellent budget car renting company called Auto Europe. They also operate in multiple countries around the world and allow you to compare many prices to get the best deals. So…who is driving in London? Me or you??

Auto Europe - Worldwide Car Rentals

 Ok, so you can’t make up your mind on how you want to travel. There are just so many options! The anxiety is too much! Why not just compare prices and time tables of planes, buses, AND trains (isn’t that a movie?)?! It’s like the buffet table at Bob Evans!! It’s called GoEuro, and I’ve definitely used this before in some of my travels. They also offer route options in the US and Canada too if you don’t feel like crossing the big swimming pool! After all, getting from point A to point B is often the most stressful part of travel, so I thought this might be a good one to add.



Alright, I promise I’m done with the transportation advice. I found something actually pretty interesting that I wanted to share if you really are considering Europe for your trip this year. I’ve been to Italy multiple times and I’m in love and HIGHLY recommend it for the history, beauty, and the culture. Since I do a lot of independent travel, I have to recommend Weekend in Italy. It’s simply just so cool, for lack of better wording! You can search by your destination cities. You can search by guided tours and trips, museums, and even view suggested itineraries, in case you left your Italy travel book under the seat in front of you on the plane (darn safety regulations!). It is absolutely perfect for those who just want to make the most out of their trip to the boot country and for those who just want to be more independent and unique in their excursions. I’m actually really sad I didn’t know about this when I was there last. I just found a gondola tour for only 15 euros!




On a boat at the Amalfi Coast on the way to Pompei…My husband here was definitely not doing so hot after the winding bus ride! Sorry for this picture!


 It was just about 110 degrees that day. No joke. I looked all over for the air conditioning unit in the Colosseum. I just simply had no luck!


Alright, so I know I went off on a little bit of a Europe tangent just now, but I had to include it. Europe is such a wonderful place for solo travelers and backpackers. It isn’t like the United States. It’s much easier to get from place to place and I find there to be a much larger community of other travelers. Traveling around Europe alone at 20 kicked off my entire passion and it deserved some attention. Purple Hood Adventures might not even exist unless I had been exposed to it. Sometimes, it’s important to just get out and see what’s out there. But be warned, once you do, there is no turning back. You’ll forever be addicted to travel!

Alright, guys! so you know what to do! It’s time to start sharing our stories and meeting each other! The forum is all set up! I already posted a questions about traveling Australia, since I will be there this year. If you have been, care to help me out and comment?
I can’t wait to hear from all of you and meet some of you in my travels this year! The geek in my in coming out in full force! I feel like I’ve just been told I’m going to trivia night somewhere (even though I’m terrible). Speaking of which. anyone want to take me to a good one in your area? I promise to brush up on my pop culture before I go. So let’s do this! See you all soon!




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