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My name is Marie Elena and I basically live a real-life comedy show (seriously…you should see what happens to me in public)! But I don’t get paid and I don’t get the fame either. I’m mostly just that person that trips over that tree root right in front of you and then says something super awkward and painfully limps away while pretending not to be crying.

To add to matters, I’m basically a walking air conditioning unit and to compensate for my excessively cold body temperature….read more

Marie Elena

What Can You Do With Us?

Travel With Us!

Built in travel companions and/or other entrepreneurs with whom to share lifelong memories…check! “All-inclusive accommodations and activities but also free time to do your own thing…check! Lengthy and frustrating logistics planning on your own…well…uncheck! Join us on one of our upcoming organized trips nationally or internationally and form lifetime bonds with others who share your passions! Our trips are open to everyone, especially solo travelers and entrepreneurs who want to network WHILE traveling!

Let Us Plan YOUR Travels!

Prefer to travel on your own or with your own crowd? Totally cool! But sometimes that “get away from your full time job” BECOMES a full time job to PLAN! We’ve BEEN there! We’ll do the detailed planning and research for your trip based on YOUR input! We can help you plan as much or as little as you’d like from a specific logistic to your entire trip! Your call!

Book Your Own Tour!

So maybe you already did the logistic work for your vacation but now it’s time to book your activities! We partner with only the most experienced passionate guides and touring companies all over the world to give you the truly authentic experiences you’re looking for. We’ve already done the leg work in sorting the “good from the bad” tours. I would know. I experience them myself! Have a specific need in mind? We’ll work with our suppliers to find what you’re looking for free of charge!

Book Your Own Logistics!

Don’t trust someone to book your trip for you? Totally understandable! Book your own flights, hotels, cars and whatever else you might need all here on ONE site! Cut the time AND stress in half! Keep tabs on your trip without keeping 10 tabs open on your computer!

Join Our World Travel Network!

We’ve begun is a worldwide network and bond of individuals from around the world who LOVE travel and want to form lifetime connections. I invite YOU to be a part of our group (either physically OR virtually)! We travel together and hold meetups in various cities to form an alliance of bloggers, backpackers or people who just love adventure! Share your own business with the travel community, post a question or just share that story you have about “that one time you got your pant cuff stuck in the New York subway!”

Get Travel Accessories!

So I really meant it when I said you can find everything you need for your travels all on one site (including that TOTALLY necessary stuffed snowman putting your bag over the weight limit)! I’ve already done the research on the best equipment and prices and conveniently placed everything in one place for you! Check out my page of equipment, gear and accessories. Again, no need for 800 tabs and 800 extra dollars spent because you didn’t do your homework!

Read My Blogs!

I’ve been a few places. I also live a daily reality that is a real-life comedy show. Seriously. You can’t make some of this stuff up. Learn how travel and experiencing the world has completely changed my world and self confidence. I LOVE to write and share my experiences. I want to help give you what I learned the hard way and make you laugh until you squirt milk out your nose because the stories are all much to real!

Listen to My Podcasts!

So I’m newer to podcasting. Very new. So….the humor continues here! Sit back and be entertained hearing about my experiences around the world and in daily life as an accident-prone “real life Kenny from South Park” living in a “normal” world working to break free from a “regular life” to become an expert nomad! The struggle is REAL! Listen for giveaways, interviews and stories each week!

Try Our Home Crafted Travel Beer!

COMING SOON…homemade travel-themed brews because…what else are you going to drink while booking your next flight that your relatives just rolled their eyes at (again)?

Contact Us!

Did I mention I created this website for everyone out there like me?

If you have questions, just want to chat or even just meet up for coffee to tell me about that time you lost your rear-view mirror to your lap on your last New Zealand road trip (just me?), I’m here!