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Travel. Create. Connect.

It's travel.

It's making what you do for a living what you do to live.

It's traveling because what you do to live is what you do for a living.

Join our community of explorers, digital nomads and creators.

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Purple Hood Adventures is a travel, lifestyle and creative influencing community built off the idea that life is not a rehearsal but something we live everyday! Rather than focusing on retirement or that “vacation from work,” why not focus on building a life we don’t need to escape from? It is our belief that travel and experiencing other cultures and ourselves outside our comfort zones should be looked upon as MORE than “that must be nice,””maybe some day” or “I’ll just live vicariously through pictures!” We are a community of explorers, adventurers and creatives bold enough to make experiences a priority and a lifestyle. Our goal is to help more people out there exactly like us accumulate more than just “stuff” and to find themselves by living a life of passion through worldly connections and adventures and by truly following their dreams. Every day. Read More

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What Can You Do With Us?

Book an Experience…


-Personalized travel resources, info packets and travel guides created just for YOU!

-Unique tours & excursions across the globe!

Book Travel Logistics…

All in ONE place!



-Rental Car


-Campsites & RVs

-Travel Insurance

Travel Shop…

Including that “TOTALLY necessary” stuffed snowman putting your bag over the weight limit!


Or, ya know. Things like…


-Trekking Gear

-Books & Gifts

-Electronics Adapters

-Personalized Adventure Apparel & Accessories

Get Help Planning Your Trip…

Sometimes that “get away from your full time job” BECOMES a full time job to plan! We’ve BEEN there! Let us help!

-From short trips…

-To long trips…

-Initial consult is free!

Maintain an Income While Traveling…

Do more than just “take a vacation” from your 9-5. Build an ongoing LIFE of a career you’re passionate about EVERY DAY in pursuit of exploring the world (or doing whatever it is you DO love) without limits!


We provide…

Quick courses (in ENGLISH) to help you successfully launch your own website or business

Personalized consultations centered around actually BUILDING a website or blog

External information and guides to help you change career paths for the better

Connect with Other Creative Travelers…

Think you’re the only one who envisions something beyond working for the weekend and annual 2 week vacations?


Think again. Find us at our…


In-Person Events

-Virtual Events

-Our Travel & Lifestyle Chat Forum

See Our Latest Blog Posts…

 Learn how travel and experiencing the world has completely changed our inner world and perception of the outer world! Feast your eyes on everything you might want to know when it comes to getting on the road and building a sustainable location-independent life of adventure, passion, creativity and experiences! From travel guides and tips to information on how to build a life on YOUR terms from the ground up, the sky is most certainly NOT the limit!

Listen to Our Travel & Lifestyle Podcasts!

Check out our 2 full semi-serial podcast seasons (So far!) and follow along as we talk hot travel topics AND subjects related to becoming an independent creator, influencer and location-independent nomad! Join us on some of those “nontraditional journeys” as we talk “funny-after-the-fact-not-so-much-at-the-time” quality life and travel experiences!

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