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Because Life is not a Book to be Read but a Story to be Written and Told.

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My name is Marie Elena and I basically live a real-life comedy show (seriously…you should see what happens to me in public)! But I don’t get paid and I don’t get the fame either. I’m mostly just that person that trips over that tree root right in front of you and then says something super awkward and painfully limps away while pretending not to be crying.

To add to matters, I’m basically a walking air conditioning unit and to compensate for my excessively cold body temperature….read more

Marie Elena

Purple Hood Adventures is About 3 Things:

1. Travel. EVERYTHING Travel.

2. Connecting with Others Around the World.

3. Building a Location-Independent Life you LOVE in the Persuit of Happiness and Adventure!

What Can You Do With Us?

Get all the Info on and Find a Unique Tour or Experience ANYWHERE in the World!

Or…at least MOST places! Purple Hood Adventures partners with highly experienced and passionate touring companies and local guides in all corners of the world. If you’re looking for a tour, activity or excursion for your trip, we will work to find you exactly what you’re looking for and we will do the homework for you! We offer only the top rated and reliable experiences so you can bypass the “sorting of the good and bad tours.” We even do many of the tours ourselves and build friendships with local guides across the globe JUST in case you needed one more shred of evidence that we’ve found you some unforgettable upcoming experiences!

We are in the process of creating entire pages to give you everything you need to know about each specific destination. On each destination page we include things like our highlighted top tours, money saving tips, information about the history and expectations of the destination, top sights to see and even things like recommendations on what to eat and drink, where to stay, when to go and SO much more! You can browse the destinations that we have on our site already OR contact us about a new location and we will not only connect you with our top experiences in that region but also create a whole information page for you!

Book All of Your Travel Logistics (in a Single Place!)!

We’ve all been there. Our computer tabs and mental tabs are starting to parallel! Planning a trip is stressful! We’ve made it so there is no need to have a separate tab and website open to book each one of your travel logistics! Now you can book your flight, accommodations, car or transportation or whatever else you need all in the same place! Still need more? We’ve even got cruise options, RV rentals, rail passes and just about everything in between! Cut the time AND stress in half! Keep tabs on your trip without keeping 10 tabs open on your computer!

Oh, and by the way, every flight, car and hotel search platform on our site is one that we use ourselves in our own travels because we want to help you find the absolute best rates on the internet!

Let Us Plan YOUR Travels!

Sometimes that “get away from your full time job” BECOMES a full time job to PLAN! We’ve BEEN there!

We’ll do the detailed planning and research for your trip based on YOUR input! We can help you plan as much or as little as you’d like from a specific logistic to your entire trip! Your call! We offer a free virtual consult to find out your needs and preferences. That way YOU can decide if you want our help before ever even having to commit!

Get Travel Gear!

Remember when we said you can find EVERYTHING you need for your travels all on one site (including that TOTALLY necessary stuffed snowman putting your bag over the weight limit)?! We partner with some of the most noteworthy travel gear companies in the industry and even larger companies like Amazon, so if there is something specific you need and it exists, chances are, we can help you find it! From stuffed snowmen to hiking gear to travel pillows to even snacks for the plane, there really is no limit (that’s up to the airlines to destroy the fun)!

We’ll do your homework and research exactly what you’re looking for and the best prices! Check out our page of some ideas on equipment, gear and accessories or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work!

Join Our World Travel Network!

We’ve begun a unique worldwide network and bond of everyone out there like us!Our network includes individuals who see travel as not just an “escape from reality” but an education for life and who are devoted to making experiences a priority! We also invite anyone looking to build a…let’s just say…”out of the norm” life by either creating a location-independent lifestyle, building a creative entrepreneurship or just seeking out something new and different in the interest of traveling the globe MORE! Our network is all-inclusive ranging from travel bloggers to creative influencers and entrepreneurs to anyone who just basically wants to live out of a suitcase! Does any of this sound like YOU?! Thought YOU were the only one?! Turns out there more people out there like you than you think and you’re in the right place!

Join one of our regularly scheduled physical meetups around the country in person, connect to one of our virtual meetups online or really get involved and attend one of our special virtual travel activities! Just have a comment, travel question or story you want to share about “that one time you got your pant cuff stuck in the New York subway?” Feel free to post right on our communal chat forum!

Make Traveling and Creating a Lifestyle and NOT Just an “Escape!”

Purple Hood Adventures was built on the idea that traveling and living a life rich with connections and happiness should not just be a “privilege” but a right. We see travel as not an “escape from reality” but a return to it! Our website exists not not just help you explore the world and connect with others but to make a LIFE of it!

How, you may ask? Well, that’s for YOU to decide! We are here to connect everyone out there like US build a location-independent lifestyle as a creative influencer, entrepreneur or something else! Whether you are looking to start your own blog or podcast,you want to teach English abroad or you just need the ideas and skills to work remotely we’re here to help just that! We are on a mission to help you not just “exist” but to really LIVE. After all…isn’t that what we seek out in our travels to begin with??

Read My Blogs!

I’ve been a few places. I also live a daily reality that resembles that of an accidental is real-life comedy show. Seriously. You can’t make some of this stuff up! Learn how travel and experiencing the world has completely changed my inner world and perception of the outer world and learn the ins and outs of everything you might want to know when it comes to getting on the road and building a perpetual life of adventure and experiences!

Listen to my Podcasts!

Oh, I do more than just write! Check out my two full podcast seasons (so far!) and follow along with me auditorily as we talk hot travel topics AND subjects related to becoming an independent creator, influencer and location-independent nomad! Come with me as I take you all through my very “unusual” and “nontraditional journeys” through life as I share some “funny-after-the-fact-not-so-much-at-the-time quality life and travel tips and advice! Plus….I wouldn’t leave you without some good old fashioned give aways and travel games now, would I?! Of course not.

Want both a visual and auditory experience of my content?! Check out our media page where you can find ALL of my media in one place or jump directly to my podcasts, blogs or videos!Happy listening, reading or viewing!

Travel WITH Us!

Yes, it’s true! We really ARE about ALL things travel! Our own organized trips will be mostly all-inclusive and tailored to anyone who loves to travel and creative influencers alike! We are now beginning to organize our own trips of varying length to various domestic and international destinations. Because of the current uncertainties,we do not have any definitive dates or locations set in stone, but we DO have a list of most likely destination suspects once travel as we know it DOES return to normal!

Browse some of our likely destinations and feel free to leave us a message to express possible interest and we will be sure to keep you in the loop and in the know about when the trip may take place!

Contact Us!

Because...we like to chat!

If you have questions, just want to chat or even just meet up for coffee to tell us about that time you lost your rear-view mirror to your lap on your last New Zealand road trip (just me?), we’re here!