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Travel. Create. Connect.

It's travel.

It's making what you do for a living what you do to live.

It's traveling because what you do to live is what you do for a living.

Join our community of explorers, digital nomads and creators.

The oasis for world travel, building a location, financially-free life while exploring the globe...or...both at the same time!

But How??

First…plan a trip!

Designed Just for you!

Cultural significance, history, what to see, what to do, budget expectations, money saving tips, insider info and much more! See existing destinations or request a new location!


Flights, Hotels, Vehicles, Campsites...

We partner with the #1 booking sites to help get you the best deals and most flexibility…in ONE place!

We Can Help Plan Your ideal Trip!

Free consultation and customizable, unique, personalized itineraries given YOUR guidance for YOUR ideal trip without all the stress!

 Or Select a Destination on the Map!

And fill your entire life with travel…

Products, Gifts, Courses & More!

Customizable, personalized travel & creative business-building merch, gifts, gear, online courses, webinars & more!

Virtual & In-Person Events

Virtual and in-person travel & lifestyle events around the world, trips and outings for travelers and creative entrepreneurs!

Bringing Travel to YOU!

Personalized destination guide videos, international art, music & cooking classes, educational courses for children and MORE…

Next…build a location-independent life you LOVE AS you travel the world!

Again, How??

Without all the jargon!

An hour-long course on all the things no one ever explained about how to even BEGIN a website, online business or blog…in ENGLISH!


personal strategy calls

If you’re building an online business, blog or website, we meet you where you’re at for personalized accountability and strategy consults.

Travel the world with an income!

Whether it’s blogging, being a self-made entrepreneur, teaching English or finding remote work, we help you make location and financially-free travel a reality!


Purple Hood Adventures is a travel, lifestyle and creative influencing community built off the idea that life is not a rehearsal but something we live everyday! Rather than focusing on retirement or that “vacation from work,” why not focus on building a life we don’t need to escape from? It is our belief that travel and experiencing other cultures and ourselves outside our comfort zones should be looked upon as MORE than “that must be nice,””maybe some day” or “I’ll just live vicariously through pictures!” We are a community of explorers, adventurers and creatives bold enough to make experiences a priority and a lifestyle. Our goal is to help more people out there exactly like us accumulate more than just “stuff” and to find themselves by living a life of passion through worldly connections and adventures and by truly following their dreams. Every day. Read More

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Why is Purple Hood Adventures Unique?

We’re Not Just Focused on Traveling the World, but Helping You Build a Lifestyle of it by Becoming Financially & Location-Independent!

Let's Start with World Travel...

With Us You Can...

Never Again have to ask”which websites should I use to book?”…

…(insert each of your travel arrangements here)…

Because WE have already pulled all of our personal favorite and #1 “best hidden deal” booking websites on the internet for EACH travel arrangement you need to make…

…and we’ve made them searchable in ONE place!

Imagine that!


Book your *Flights *Hotels *Vehicles *Campsites & RVs *Cruises and more HERE!

Shop personalized Travel & Lifestyle

products, courses, webinars & more!

Not only do we hand-craft and allow you to personally customize any of our own travel & lifestyle products, but we also partner with small and large companies (like Amazon) around the world to help you find exactly what you need!


Select what you’re looking for below or see our entire store here!


Customized Travel Clothing & Accessories


Hand-Crafted Blogging/Web Design Basics Courses


Personalized Virtual Travel Gifts & Courses such as…

Meet, Travel & Connect with other world travelers & creatives!

In our virtual or in-person events or on one of our organized trips or retreats!

We host virtual meetings and webinars, day hikes, short trips. evening restaurant gatherings and even organized group trips to connect wanderlusters, creators and BOTH! Our event themes and discussions are typically centered on specific travel or creative business/blog building topics. Trivia and prizes included!




All Upcoming Events, Dates & Topics


Upcoming Virtual Events


Upcoming In-Person Events

What Else Makes Purple Hood Adventures Unique?

We want you to fill your day doing what drives you as you explore the globe without limitations.

Let's Talk Building a Sustainable Life of Financial & Location-Independence.

With Us You Can...

Learn How to Build & Maintain a Successful Blog, Online Business or Website as you explore the world

In English. From the very beginning.

Oh…and completely customizable and specific to YOU!

What IF you could do more than just “take that 2 week long vacation” from work or “work for the weekend?” What IF there was more to life like waking up excited to do what you LOVE every day AS you travel the world or do whatever it is in life you DO love?




Our Business & Blogging Building 101 Quick Course SeriesEverything you NEED to Know Without all the Unexplained Jargon (and took US 6 years+ to learn)


Personalized Creative Coaching Consultations to meet you where you’re at as  you build YOUR website or business

Get More Resources on How to work remotely, abroad or just on your own terms

Entrepreneurship or blogging not for you? There are plenty more options for remote or abroad work as you travel! Many nomads land enjoyable and fulfilling online jobs, teaching English positions or something entirely new! The sky is NO longer the limit!


We can help connect you to…


External Resources, Guides, Books & Training to help you change career paths for the better


Other Digital Nomads, Creatives & Wanderlusters who desire a life beyond the typical 9-5!


See Our Latest Blog Posts…

 Learn how travel and experiencing the world has completely changed both our inner and outer worlds! We take a lighthearted and humorous approach to sharing everything we’ve learned over the years! We talk anything and everything you might want to know about getting on the road and building a sustainable, location-independent life of adventure, passion, creativity and experiences! From travel guides and tips to information on how to build a life on YOUR terms, from the ground up, the sky is most certainly NOT the limit!

Listen to Our Travel & Lifestyle Podcasts!

Check out our 3 full semi-serial podcast seasons (So far!) and follow along as we talk hot travel topics AND subjects related to becoming an independent creator, influencer and location-independent nomad! Join us on some of those “nontraditional journeys” as we talk “funny-after-the-fact-not-so-much-at-the-time” quality life and travel experiences and learning points!

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